After Surgery

After You Leave My Surgery

  • DO start taking the antibiotics today, as prescribed.
  • DON'T drink any alcohol or smoke for 5 days following surgery.
  • DON'T rinse your mouth out for 12 hours.

Pain Relief

You may be prescribed these medications for pain management.

  • Maxigesic: Take 1 or two tablets 4-6 hourly if required.

  • Paracetamol: Take two tablets 4 hourly if required.

*Do not take Maxigesic and Paracetamol as Maxigesic contains Ibuprofen and Paracetamol *


  • Codeine Phosphate: Take one tablet 4 hourly if required or as prescribed.

NB: Do not exceed 8 Paracetamol, Codeine Phosphate  or Maxigesic in a 24-hour period.

If you develop any significant stomach pain, rash or swelling (other than surgery site) stop taking the medication and advise the rooms or Dr Evans (after hours) as soon as possible.

Swelling and Bruising

You can expect your face to swell and remain swollen for 4 to 5 DAYS. When your face swells and/or bruises make up a COLD pack from ice cubes, or frozen peas. Hold the pack wrapped in a cloth against the swelling for 10 minutes. Repeat hourly. AVOID HEAT. The swelling is at its peak 48 hours after your surgery. If you develop bruising it may last for up to 10 days following your surgery.


Sleep with a towel on your pillow to avoid bloodstains from your saliva. Wound ooze (ie blood stained saliva) can be expected for the first 24 hours after surgery

If bleeding starts:

  • Fold clean gauze into a pad the size of a 20c piece.
  • Hold the gauze pad over the bleeding site.
  • Do this twice more for 10 minutes (each time with a clean pad).

Tomorrow Morning

  • Use Savacol or salt & water antiseptic mouth wash.(1/2 Tsp salt in 1 glass of Warm Water.)
  • Draw this liquid up into the syringe.
  • Gently squirt the liquid into the wound area - look into the mirror.
  • Repeat at least 3 times a day for 10 days after meals.
  • You must continue to clean your teeth with your toothbrush & toothpaste.


We encourage you to eat or drink as soon as possible following your procedure especially if you have been “nil by mouth” prior to your surgery.

We recommend a sweet drink, ice block, smoothie and/or soft food eg soup, custard, scrambled eggs, ice cream, pasta, mashed potato & gravy.

You will electively want a “soft diet” for the first 5 days following your surgery. You can commence “normal eating” as soon as you feel able.

DON'T eat Yoghurt for 5 days following surgery.

DON’T have food/fluids too hot for 5 days following surgery.

General Information for General Anaesthetic & Intravenous Sedation Patients

If you have had a General Anaesthetic, you are not to be left alone for the rest of the day or that night. If you have had an Intravenous Sedation you will need someone to stay with you for 8 hours after your surgery.

It is recommended that you DO NOT do the following for 24 hours after your sedation or general anaesthetic:

  • Stay alone on the first night following surgery
  • Drive a car, motorbike or any other vehicle or ride a bicycle.
  • Travel alone by public transport.
  • Make important decisions; sign important papers; undertake business matters.
  • Cook or use hazardous machinery.
  • Engage in sport, physical work, bending, lifting.
  • Take sedative drugs not prescribed by a medical practitioner.
  • Be the primary carer for children.

You may feel tired following your treatment. Rest or sleep as required.


If you are taking Oral Contraceptive, the course of antibiotics you have been prescribed may interfere with your contraceptive cover.

Do not rely on your oral contraceptive cover for the remainder of the same cycle and two weeks into the next cycle.

Please Phone The Rooms

Please Phone us on  839-1394 if you are experiencing the following:

  • If bleeding persists.
  • If you react badly to the antibiotics or pain relief.
  • If you are at all uncertain about your condition.


  • Telephone (07) 839 1394

  • Radnor House, 170 Collingwood Street, Hamilton

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